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Volkswagen SA opts for Intimate_Value January 2004

Volkswagen SA has invested in Intimate_Value and Value_Review from software supplier and service bureau Intimate Data to ensure improved ongoing accuracy of the German car manufacturer’s customer contact database.

The software tool, which will be implemented during November for online access to all VW dealers across the country, is designed to cleanse and enrich customer data and provide a reliable foundation to boost marketing and business intelligence. It verifies and cleanses suburb names and postal codes, identifies areas with no street delivery, standardises address data, validates titles, checks names and surnames, confirms ID number formats and the check digit, checks gender against ID number and first name, validates dialing codes, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and provides income segmentation based on suburb. The system also updates phone numbers which have changed since 1999.

The data enrichment features, such as adding income category according to suburb, allow customer profiling and database segmentation, improving return on investment.

The system, which meets all SA Post Office (SAPO) postal standards, is platform-independent and can be run online or in batch mode, enabling the offline correction of records. Monthly updates to the relevant table file information via Web or CD ensure that postal information and other validation dictionaries are always current.

Value_Review is intelligent software designed to enable ultimate customer contactability and provide easy accessibility and consistent, reliable quality and data integrity, crucial to effective customer relationship management (CRM),” says Intimate Data marketing director John Ross. “With accurate information online real-time, companies are able to ensure all information is correct at point of entry.”

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